Naoum Shebib
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The first Cairo skyscraper,1954

A 22 story apartment building

First Skyscraper_AIn 1954, on Saha Street in downtown Cairo, Naoum Shebib built the first Cairo skyscraper, acting as architect, structural engineer and contractor.


First Skyscraper_BThis 22 floor skyscraper is 76 meters (250 feet) high. One notices on the two façades a delicate and original mesh-shaped overlay, shading the wall behind. Given Egypt's hot climate, this double wall is indeed quite useful, since it helps to avoid overheating the sun-exposed wall. These concrete trellises are a recollection of the oriental moucharabiehs (wooden frames inserted in a window to partially partition it).


First Skyscraper_CThis building was built according to the most modern reinforced concrete techniques of the time. Its structure consists of columns, beams and concrete slabs made of reinforced concrete. The perimeter walls are constructed with a brick infill covered with cement plaster .