Naoum Shebib
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Naoum Shebib - His vision Naoum Shebib - Sa vision

vision édificeFor Naoum Shebib, the building does not stand isolated. Its structure connects to the forces, stresses and energies, his space to the lives of its occupants, its symbolism to the culture of a population, its construction to the craftsmanship and the techniques of the time.

He always made a point to make the best use of the modern technologies, and the materials and manpower available in the country. Reinforced concrete was for him a material of choice because of its many potentialities, its proximity to earth and the universality of its use.

Naoum Shebib believed that in a building, a close connexion should exist between materials, energy, man and society. The more perfect the symbiosis between these elements, the more remarkable the success of the work. Uniqueness and harmony are the signature of Naoum Shebib's architecture.

The building is the work of man for man. The building, he said, must be the servant of its inhabitants, hence a constant search for functionality and a particular concern to create pleasant living spaces.

It is no coincidence that he wanted to be at the same time the architect, the structural engineer and the builder. Professing that form, structure and construction should constitute a whole, he wanted his professional skills to cover harmoniously these three areas.

Naoum Shebib transcribed in his notes, sketches and writings his personal vision of architecture. The list hereafter of his essays is a proof of the diversity of his interests and his search for identifying the linkages and the harmony between all aspects related to a building.

- Introduction to the Organisation and Energisation Scheme
- Application of the organisation ; Energisation : Scheme to Architecture Design
- The meaning of Mathematics
- Application of the Organisation Scheme to Thin Shell Structure
- Notes on Natural to Conventional Existence
- Notes on Statical Analysis
- Definition of The Organisation Scheme
- Notes on Mathematical Language
- Notes on Formal Language
- Notes on Architectural Analysis and Painting Analysis
- Essay on the Limit Axiom on the Organisation Scheme
- Procedures for Design of Frames and Appendices on Structural Analysis